Leadership training doesn’t go far enough.

Leadership training is all well and good. That is, until the training ends…

Okay, we’re exaggerating slightly. Of course any opportunity for executives or teams to work together in a positive and productive way is generally beneficial. And by and large, organisations don’t give enough time and space to leadership to step out of their daily routines and pressures to reflect on what’s working, to share and be vulnerable, and to step into discomfort.

All that said, we’ve seen time and again the wasted efforts of leadership training that falls flat when the rubber hits the road. Practical application, after all, is very different from useful information. What works better?

Purposeful evolution. We have worked with global businesses all over the world, and far and away the most effective way to create change is with an evolutionary process that embeds tools, mindset and behaviours over time. It is a process that systematically empowers leaders to lead their own change.

It might not be comfortable, or quick, or easy…but it works.

So before you plan the next leadership training away day, it’s worth asking: is our success metric a 10/10 event score? Or is it true transformational change…?

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