We are living in an|unpredictable era

The reality we inhabit has never appeared so complex.

Radical digital connectivity, omnipresent media, and global problems such as the climate crisis mean we are living and leading in a state of uncertainty.

Saturated with information, we are aware of how much we don’t know. In this context we are often paralysed and confused when all we want to do is move forwards.

To navigate this critical period, the only thing we can each control is our response to the world outside. We help leaders build the habits to adapt to and navigate complexity better.

To navigate this critical period,|we need a transformation in|leadership and culture.

In a world that is more unpredictable, digital, automated and complex the known forms of leadership have less currency, less impact. What we are seeing being called forth is leadership that can work with both technical & adaptive challenges:

Technical leadership
Adaptive leadership

Our world needs people with purpose

Real|transformation|starts with|exploration

People and their organisations need to be bold enough to venture beyond their loyalty to old models and assumptions

By exploring beyond our current thinking, we get to see the world as it is not as we are. We challenge who we are as leaders and as people.

In the exploration we move to a place where we can see what is really needed to make the world we work in better.

When we start responding rather than just reacting, we become truly adaptive. We explore, adapt, experiment and learn as we go.

Real transformation starts with intention

Transformation of|our world requires|a transformation|in us

Everyone is blind to their impact, sometimes.

It’s a common problem in leadership and it takes real courage to face it – and to commit to making meaningful change.

We ask leaders:

What is your role in the challenges you face – and how can you adapt to solve them?

We explore the |stories that|define us

Who we are, why we’re here, what’s in our way.  The stories we tell ourselves can lift us up or hold us back.

Time and time again, we have seen that what appears as a structural problem in an organisation actually stems from a story, made up from a set of beliefs people are holding. Stories can liberate or limit organisations just like individuals. So, we help people and teams to dig into their narratives, untangle messy connections, and break down barriers to their own potential.

By helping people confront and rewrite their stories, we unlock new space for change.

We are co|navigators, not|pilots.

We are not the consultants who try to import change or prescribe a pre-packaged plan.

Instead of pretending to have all the answers, we start by asking the right questions. We take people through a process that can be emotionally challenging but hugely rewarding. Working with us means moving beyond the comfort zone to where real change happens. We shape each programme to the individuals and communities we meet, building solutions in response to our conversations.

By pushing limits and experimenting, we can co-create change which generates value for all.

We help people to lead|their own evolution

Our journey is structured around an evolutionary process. This is not just a one-off. Through our experiences, we aim to help participants to embed the tools, mindset and behaviours that they need to continue leading their own ongoing change, moving into a meaningful growth mindset. 

Our facilitators are highly trained to support individuals and teams throughout this process. We know how to be both energetic and sensitive, big-hearted and challenging.

A typical shape of a transformational journey

Our partnership unlocks|your potential

Our clients are invited into a genuine partnership. We aim to bring a profound experience to our collaboration, and we need clients to share their unique understanding in response. This allows us to deliver on your dreams – an approach we’ve created in opposition to the idea of ‘supply as standard’.

This is how our initial process of knowledge-sharing allows us to identify the true potential of our work with you


We gather insights from extensive past projects, utilise our insight together with our external perspective to find what might be invisible from within your system.


We work with you to find out what is loved, what frustrates & where you are stuck


We bring your experience & knowledge together to help you identify & realise what your potential is. We work in partnership with you to co-create & deliver that potential


Evolving the learning needed for|leaders to truly innovate